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BlackJack Strategy To Online Casino

Learn the best blackjack strategies!

Online poker has seen an exponential growth in recent months, and associated with other poker games like online blackjack have had a tremendous increase of players, and since couting cards in a deck online is impossible we should explore strategies, these strategies sometimes in blackjack give results!

The Most Important BlackJack Strategies

I will now present some strategies to play blackjack online! But before that I put a table here at your disposal for consultation, this table who has dual entrance and in accordance with the hand you have in comparison with the hand of the dealer, you will have to consult it and play always within its standarts! Because only if you play in accordance you will be able to get results! When you play play-blackjack the odds are about 50% / 50% but when using this table in conjunction with the strategy that we will expose the following may make a 51% / 49%, this table works for multiple decks of cards (multiple deck).


Figure I: "Table of probabilities to playing blackjack"


1.Martingle Strategy:


This strategy is the oldest and most well known of, based on the probability of losing an infinite number of times, this strategy is also used for other types of games such as roulette. With the Martingale system start by betting one unit and each time they get around to posting a unit, on the other side in case of loss doubles the bet and folds consecutively until it turns to win the bet, and after that back up again to post a unit, I leave a video below which gives a practical example of using this system.

Figure II: "Demonstration Video of Martingale strategy"


2.Paroli Strategy:


This betting system can be regarded as the opposite of the Martingale system, for a unit bet and if it wins, then doubles the bet, and when you lose your turn to bet one unit. By using and enjoying themselves this system will have to decide in advance how much we want to win to set a goal such as three straight victories and stop because as you probably imagine this is a very fragile and risky.


3.Parlay Strategy


The system is based pyramid parlay the profits, ie we use the initial put more profit for the future bets, the win was the first bet, bet again the same units over the previous gains.


4.1-3-2-6 Strategy


This system is based on the premise of winning four times in a row, basically a bet bet on the first drive, on March 2, to lessen in the fourth and two in the fourth to sixth bet increase, when we lost in one of the steps we all get it again.


Mini Blackjack Game


Now that you know the four most important strategies to play blackjack, below you have a mini game of blackjack in which you can test your knowledge to practice and see if the strategies mentioned here actually work, the game is very simple, you have "1000 virtual credits" and to play you just have to press "deal" and "Hit" or "Stand" to ask for more cards or not.


Figure III: "Mini blackjack game"



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